What's New

Please review this section regularly to keep up to date with i2i related product and release information.

New Product Page

Product Page

All document meta data is displayed on the left side of the page with all functionality presented on the right side.

Collections have been developed to encourage collaboration, Tags and comments are within the collection container to better present the collaboration ability of groups working in collections.

Links and bookmarks are also more clearly viewed by listing all items in chronological order.

Where a user has Click2view and download access this is displayed at the top right of the page with the most current document.

Tags and Comments

Collection Comments

In version 7.0.0 of the product page we have broken out the action sections of the Collections container.

Tags and comments are displayed within the collection container.

Comments, previously notes, are displayed in a feed like view. For those with the permissions to mark a comment as important will see the option below the text box. All comments marked as important will be displayed at the top of the page.

Tags can be added to a collection by selecting previously created tags from the drop down, or by typing in the text box to create a new tag.


Comments Comments Links Tags

  • Links are coloured green to indicate that they belong to the active collection.
  • The collection container that is open is the current active collection. Tags and Collections are added in this section.
  • Where a document has been added to multiple collections all will be displayed under the active collection.
  • Select to ‘Add to Collection’ to add a document to other available collections.


Product Buy

Where a document has additional version (files) that are associated to the main document, these can be viewed in the Versions tab.

The versions menu will list all historical records of the current document. Some historical versions will have a file that can be viewed or downloaded.

The first record in this menu will be the current document.

Where Click2View or Download is available for version these options will be displayed next to the document status. If the document is available in other languages, these will be listed in the drop down. Select a language from the drop down to view the document in the chosen language.


Webshop Order

Where a price is available for a product. Users can select the item from the drop down, add a note and select Order Now to add the item to the order page.

Where no price is available users will be able to request the product via their region support email.

*Note this is only available to those clients with Ordering enabled within their subscription.

Search bar

Search Bar

The search bar has been updated to produce more accurate search results. The Document number and Document title/keyword fields have been separated to return more accurate results based on the terms entered in these fields.

The status field previously had ‘current’ selected by default. This has since been removed to return results from all document statuses e.g. cancelled, current and superseded. The status field can then be defined by selecting a status type.