Announcements feature allows users to deliver message to everyone in the subscription. This helps administrators communicate with standards users about any information related to subscriptions.

Follow the steps below to deliver or view an announcement.

Step 1: Select ‘Announcements’ icon from the Home page and click on ‘View all Announcements’.

Announcements page will appear where you can view all announcements delivered to you or made by you.

Step 2: Click on ‘Add New Announcement’ to create a new announcement.

Note: Users should have following roles to create a new announcement:

  • User Admin
  • Content Admin
  • Content Expert

Description (Mandatory): Provide the announcement details for your users to read. You can type up to 500 characters.

Link Name (Not mandatory): Provide a label for the button if you want your users to visit a site as part of the announcement.

Link URL (Not mandatory): Provide the web address of the site if you want your users to visit a site as part of the announcement. Prefix the site URL name with http:// or https://

Group (Mandatory): Select the group of users whom you want to deliver the announcement.

Click on ‘Save’ after completing all details. Once you save an announcement, it remains unpublished and is not delivered to users immediately. Select an announcement and choose action:

Step 3: ACTION

Edit or delete the announcement, if needed.

Or, click on ‘Publish’ to deliver the announcement to your group of users.

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